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Olimp resort is situated near the Comorova forest, 7 km north from Mangalia and 40 km from Constanta. Entered in the tourist circuit in 1972, the resort was recognized during the communist era as a luxury resort of  "comrades". Currently, it's destined to those who choose to visit, seeking peace and relaxation.

Majestic Olimp hotel is among the top hotels in the resort, positioned in the center, two minutes from the beach, offering superior service and facilities. Due to its perpendicular position to the shoreline, our guests can enjoy a wonderful view to the Black Sea.

Since 2002, when the hotel was taken over by Phoenicia Hotels group, it has become the benchmark of summer vacations spent in a family atmosphere.

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Pools & Spa Center


Activities & Entertainment

Kids park
Summer garden

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Majestic Olimp Restaurant

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Restaurants & Bars

Restaurantul principal al hotelului va ofera o varietate de preparate traditionale sau din bucataria internationala iar lobby barul din receptie, precum si barul de la piscina va asteapta cu cocktail-uri speciale si bauturi alcoolice fine.

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Activities & Entertainment

Vă propunem să va incarcati de energie in mijlocul Gradinii de Vara într-un decor rustic, desprins parca dintr-un cadru de poveste în timp ce copiii Dvs. se pot bucura de parcul special amenajat pentru cei mici.Scena restaurantului gazduieste in fiecare sear

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Pools & Spa Center

Distractia si starea de bine va incepe in curand, iar grijile si problemele vor fi date la o parte! O baie mult asteptata in piscina este bine venita oricand iar pe cei care aleg un stil de viata sanatos si in vacanta, ii asteptam la sala de fitness amenajata in incinta

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